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We're connecting the East and West with clean beauty and lifestyle products... offering an opportunity to discover different concept, culture and products of clean.

3 Tiers of Clean Curation

"Our clean living journey has progressed one choice at a time. We started MU New York to help make your journey simpler, clearer... and more fun! Our strict curation process ensures our products meet our standard. But different individuals require different levels of curation related to allergens, health, skincare and more. That's why each MU product is rated on a thorough three-tiered scale - so you can effortlessly discover clean beauty and lifestyle brands that are good for you and your unique needs."

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Tier 3: Clean

Produced sustainably without animal testing, these products pass our high curation standards. Some, however, may contain harmless artificial additives.

Guaranteed to exclude our Banned Common Industry Ingredients, Tier 3 collections are certified 100% non-toxic.

These offerings are curated for those beginning their clean living journey, discovering better choices one at a time.

Tier 2: Cleaner

Consider our Tier 2 products a middle step on the lifelongpath to clean and conscious living.

Each luxurious offering iscomposed of high-quality, natural ingredients free from harmful substances and/or synthetic ingredients.

Invest in your long-term health and happiness with collections designed to transform your daily routines and lifestyle beyond singular solutions.

Tier 1: Cleanest

When it comes to clean and conscious consumption, these products clear our highest bar. Each Tier One offering is guaranteed to be 100% natural, vegan, and approved by the internationally recognized Environmental Working Group (EWG) (underline "Environmental Working Group (EWG)").

If you suffer from specific intolerances and allergies (or simplywish to live as cleanly as possible) our Tier 1 collections are designed especially for you.


改善 (kaizen) is a Japanese principle that states small,
continuous changes can make all the difference.

Together we can create a healthier and happier planet.

Who We Are

All MU collections are curated by Madoka Usui and her trusted, like-minded team. Madoka is an intuitive entrepreneur and has worked in the creative/design industries for decades both in Tokyo and New York. Now she combines her unique global professional experiences, expertise, and her personal desire to cultivate a happy, healthy, and natural living.

”Born and raised in Japan, I moved to New York in the early 30's to pursue a career. As a Japanese woman and architectural designer, living in New York, I wanted to build a bridge between East and West, connecting cultures for a healthier and a happier world!
I am still learning a cleaner & conscious living. Nothing can be changed in a day....it is a process...even if it is one step at a time… I would like to invite you on this beautiful journey so that you can start creating your own clean and conscious lifestyle. I hope MU online shopping experiences will be helpful and enjoyable for you.”

Madoka Usui, Founder & CEO