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Vitamins & supplements with real benefits & care.

TRYWELL is a Black-owned health and wellness brand, co-created by mother and son duo Kathy & Tashon Thompson.

While developed for all, the brand’s mission is to spotlight, educate and provide solutions to the glaring nutritional shortfalls and significant and disproportionate health disparities often faced by people of color, specifically African Americans. Their vital supplements aim to fill the nutritional gaps left unmet by the daily diet. TRYWELL also donates 10% of all proceeds from their website sales to non-profits and initiatives aimed at improving wellness and promoting nutritional literacy within African American communities.

The Community

10 percent of proceeds from the sale of TRYWELL supplements will be donated to initiatives and non-profits aimed at improving wellness and promoting nutritional literacy within African American communities.

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The Environment

In an effort to minimize the detrimental effects of single-use plastic, TRYWELL supplements are presented in releasable, eco-friendly pouches that use 80% less plastic than traditional bottled goods.

The Ingredients

All Vitamins are made with high quality ingredients that allow our products to be pectin-based, vegetarian, and naturally colored & flavored.