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MiMC is one the top Japanese luxury cosmetics brand. It was born in 2007 by a female chemist, based on the concept of "bringing out the original brilliance with the power of nature. As a clean beauty brand that does not use harmful ingredients and is completely committed to natural ingredients.

MiMC’s ingredients are only natural plants and minerals to create glow and depth in color in our makeup line. They are formulated by adding colors to skincare serums and moisturizers. This made it possible to create a makeup line that is suitable for sensitive and mature skin. MiMC's makeup can be removed by just soap and this makes it possible to support our purpose of being clean not just for the skin but for the environment.

Now and future, for the skin that awakens its own beauty

Skincare that awakens beauty from its foundation creates smooth and supple skin that looks like freshly applied make up…Makeup that enhances individuality and uniqueness becomes one with the skin and provides skincare like comfort

What we have created is a “CLEAN-FULL formula” that avoids substances and ingredients that have negative effects on the skin and the environment. Our formula contains only the ingredients that are necessary for the health of the skin for now and for the future. You will be able to experience the true clean beauty.

1. The origin of the brand is minerals.

MiMC was created in 2007. It was created by chemist Hisashi Kitashima, who was thoroughly committed to using high-quality natural materials, including natural minerals. Minerals have different ingredients, ratios, and properties depending on their origin and refining methods. This means it is important to determine the quality of each mineral. At MiMC, we only use materials that meet our highest standard.

2. Skincare with Makeup

From the idea that “if you can care for the skin while wearing makeup, your skin will become even more beautiful,” we decided to create foundation and other makeup products with skincare formulation. We have developed makeup items that do not contain petroleum-derived synthetic surfactants, synthetic preservatives, or tar pigments as ingredients. Instead, we use natural ingredients such as minerals, plant extracts, and plant oils for skincare prescription. This formulation made it possible to create beautiful skin even when you are wearing our makeup products. In other words, the more you use our makeup products, the more beautiful your skin becomes.

3. Made your skincare routine simple by creating makeup that can be removed with soap.

All makeup products, including foundation that is made with skincare ingredients, eyeshadow, and lipstick, can be removed with soap or lukewarm water. It prevents you from washing away necessary barriers by cleansing your skin too much. With this, you can eliminate extra steps in your skincare routine and saves time, which is ideal for busy people. Also, soap is environmentally friendly as they are biodegradable.

4. Whole plants/foods that benefits skin.

“We are committed to using natural ingredients that are carefully extracted from powerful natural plants and fruits selected from around the world; whole natural ingredients. The idea of Whole Foods is to “fully enjoy the power of the entire plant,” based on the idea that plants and fruits themselves maintain a harmonious balance. The skin, flesh, and seeds are all kept in their natural balance and used to their fullest potential.” We believe in using whole natural ingredients because plants and fruits themselves maintain a harmonious balance.

5. “What do we put in" but rather, "What not to put in”

We use simple and powerful ingredients that eliminate unnecessary properties and do not contain synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, synthetic preservatives, petroleum-based surfactants, UV absorbers, or talc. We do not use naturally derived ingredients, if we believe it is harmful to the skin.

6. Formulation focused on "Biocompatibility"

To deliver the necessary ingredients to the skin, we focus on the biological affinity that “similar things are easy to be absorbed/blended”. By incorporating hot spring water that contains minerals and naturally derived squalene that are close in composition to the skin, beneficial properties of each product are absorbed and blended into the skin.