Light Water

Skin Care in Daily Doses

Revolutionary skin care that's uniquely fresh, pure, and effective - to nourish, strengthen, and improve skin health and appearance, from the outside to way deep within. It's like using brand new product every time. Feed your skin fresh.

Active Ingredients

At Peak Efficacy

Active ingredients are quite fragile and oxidize and degrade rapidly, even more so when repeatedly exposed to light, air, and touch. This is visible in Vitamin C solution which changes color from clear to brown over time. But it happens with many active ingredients - like vitamins, antioxidants, retinol, acids, and even oils - so much so that studies have shown the average skin care loses half its ingredient efficacy in just a few months! Not only are degraded ingredients ineffective, but some may also lead to skin sensitivity and irritation.

Formulated for ALL

Gentle But Mighty

LightWater is ideal for all skin types, ages, colors, and genders. Lightweight yet deeply hydrating, pH-friendly, and microbiome-friendly formulations are quickly absorbed. Skin drinks them in and looks clean, natural, and healthy.

Pure, clean formulations free of any potential irritants are gentle and hypoallergenic, even for sensitive or baby skin.

But they're still mighty in efficacy! Skin-beneficial, clinically proven active ingredients are always at their peak potency to nourish and protect, for healthier, visibly more beautiful skin over time.