Lunar Logic Herbals

For over a decade, we have been working with powerful plant medicine, sinking our feet, hands, and hearts deep into the land, and foraging for wild medicinal plants native to our local high desert landscape. This land is sacred and offers us abundant gifts of reciprocity.

Lunar Logic was born from a deep, aching desire to share this work with the world. It brings us great joy to connect and share with you, opening a doorway to pass inspiration, nurture relationships, and enhance our authentic selves. We want to thank you for showing up for yourself and walking the plant path with us. Your love and support has created abundance, optimism, and sustainability to our artisans and allowed an independent business to grow and thrive.

Flower Essence

Vibrational Essences

The gift of flowers is supporting us inbecoming. They offer us a co-creative union with a realm of consciousness that helps silence our external noise so that our internal landscape can settle. Each will take you on a journey to heart center, personal awareness, and self-discovery. You don't need any special knowledge to harmonize with a flower, they will meet you wherever you are, whenever you're in need of a new perspective.


Superbrews for Curious Minds

Superbrews are all about carving moments out of each day for mindful self-care that creates inner peace and whole being wellness. Each cup is a time-out from what the day is demanding of you. Each sip creates space for new ideas, freeing a mind weighed down in chatter, distractions, and stress.

Wild Elixirs & Herbal Tonics

The objective of tonics, tinctures, and elixirs is to create a state of calm and uplifted wholeness. They are potent, experiential, and expansive. As pure plant medicines help us cultivate and maintain our brightness, both internal and external, renewal comes and in turn, we are able to create anew.

Mushroom Magic

Mysterious creatures of the subterranean world, Medicinal Mushrooms are both adaptogenic and powerful spiritual guides, containing the intelligence of the Earth and the Web of Life. Our Mushroom formulas are nutritive and expansive, weaving our minds and bodies into the fabric of the Universe.


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