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Moisture Silk

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This 100% silk skin care powder moisturizes the skin and is rich in amino acids. It is surprisingly lightweight yet absorbs excess oil well. It balances the water and oil content of the skin, leaving it smooth on the outside and hydrated on the inside. It can be used as a makeup primer and also as the last step of your skin care routine.

POINT 01: Multi-purpose skincare powder

POINT 02: Moisturizing powder

Why We Love

Point 01 Multi-purpose skincare powder.
This is a multifunctional skin care powder and can be used as a moisturizer. It balances the water and oil content of the skin, leaving it smooth on the outside and hydrated/moisturized on the inside. You can use it after the essence completing the skincare routine. If used as a primer, it prolongs the longevity of your makeup and keeps shine at bay. Of course, it can also be used as a finishing powder. It gives you fine-textured skin.

Point 2 Moisturizing powder.
This is a moisturizing powder that works on the outmost layer of the skin. About half of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor (NMF) is made up of amino acids. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids, and it captures moisture in the air. In addition, this product has the characteristics of “powder”, meaning this powder also has a uniqueness of powder’s ability to absorb oil. The smooth silk powder becomes hydrated over time and with the same principle as mineral powder, it holds just the right amount of water and oil content keeping your skin comfortable.



How to Use

Apply to skin until it is slightly white. Blend until translucent.

Before Using

Moisture Silk is 100% silk. It is used as a part of skincare to smooth skin and as a makeup primer. It is highly moisturizing and balances the water and oil content in your skin. Do not use Moisture Silk, if you are allergic to silk. Patch test (over 3-day period or longer) is recommended before use.

Patch Test
After the skincare, apply the powder lightly on the forehead near the temple and on the cheek for about the size of a quarter. Repeat in AM and PM after the usual skincare for 2 days. From day 3, apply the power on the entire forehead and cheeks. *Stop use immediately, if you experience any discomfort.

How to Open

How to Open the Container
1. Remove plastic wrap
2. Open the lid
3. Remove a puff and a net to find a protecting film
4. Remove the film completely by using a clean pointed tool
*Do not put too much pressure when opening the film to avoid spills.
*Use caution when using a pointed tool to avoid injury
5. Place the net back in the container and push it down carefully until it stops

Push the puff onto the net. The net stretches down, and the power gets deposited onto the puff. (Net is flexible and stretches)
When it’s almost empty or the bottom of the container is visible, place the puff on the net and turn the container upside down to deposit. (In order to avoid spills, do not shake the container hard or turn it upside down when there’s enough product in the container)

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MiMC is one the top Japanese luxury cosmetics brand. It was born in 2007 by a female chemist, based on the concept of "bringing out the original brilliance with the power of nature. As a clean beauty brand that does not use harmful ingredients and is completely committed to natural ingredients.

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