Apolis Tea

Craft Tea

Every successful business has a reason for being.  A purpose that guides its decisions and ultimately defines it.  Ours is craftsmanship.  Our craft is in the art of blending and the science of sourcing teas and ingredients.  Our producers are craftsmen and women as well; together, we work to create noteworthy teas you will get excited about.

The history of tea is as much about innovation as it is about tradition.  We are always looking for new ingredients that no one else works with.  We make a point to work with producers who work with interesting cultivars and use biodynamic or organic farming techniques.  We promise that every tea holds true to tradition but also brings a little something special.

Flower Essence

Our powder coated glass mason jars

Jars are powder coated glass mason jars and measure approximately 3 inches in diameter by 5 inches tall.

These are the best way to store your tea! They are totally air tight and protect tea from UV light. If you buy a jar the first time and be sure to save it: you can simply order a refill bag when you need more!