Before was born from the desire to breathe modern life and healthy disruption into the personal care industry that has room for our rethinking.

Before is forging a new category of oral care products that we call Purifying Toothpaste. Bridging the clean ingredients from natural pastes and strengthening qualities of traditional pastes, we are helping define a new vertical within the oral care industry.

Connect QualityWith Integrity.

From the beginning, our mandate for Before was to disrupt the self care industry with a new voice. One that is driven by purpose, inclusivity, and a relentless focus on product experience and environmental impact. Every ingredient, every material and every element of Before self care products is consciously chosen to ensure quality and sustainability is number one. We would not embark on this mission otherwise.

<br>Toothpaste Never Tasted This Pure. Felt This Clean.

+ Super Mint Flavor
+ Dentist Approved
+ SLS & Paraben Free
+ Soldium Flouride
+ Low Abrasion
+ Plant-Based Sugarcane Tube

Improve Daily RitualsThrough Design

Design is at the core of everything we create. Before strives to engineer refined, conscious products that add value to your everyday life while minimizing your environmental footprint. We are continually researching the nuances of self care routines and testing how they can be improved through intelligent design and modern aesthetics. Plus they should look beautiful and feel great.